Our World Heritage needs us!

From Stonehenge to the Serengeti and Timbuktu to the Taj Mahal, the Galapagos to the Great Pyramids and the Everglades to Easter Island, World Heritage status today is given to over 1.100 of our planet’s greatest treasures.

With the world in crisis, threats from pandemics to economic depression, resource exploitation to politics, conflict to climate, development, disasters and more, today strain the very core of this landmark heritage protection treaty. This 50-year-old promise by the nations of the Earth to conserve for all humanity its cultural and natural heritage, is itself endangered.

Join us – citizens and professionals – as we mobilize to renew and reinforce heritage protection for the next 50 years. We are building a global network to include as much of civil society as possible. Please reach out to us, because together we are stronger. Without action, the legacy of the past will not be here for tomorrow’s generations.


Please find the full list of planned events here.
We invite you to take part in the following events:

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24th, 202112:00-13:30 UTC>>> DIRECT ACCESS / REGISTRATION TOPIC Art is a universal and powerful mean of communication. It
THURSDAY OCTOBER 28th, 202114:00-16:00 UTC >>> DIRECT ACCESS / REGISTRATION ORGANIZERS: Mehiyar Kathem & Giovanni Fontana Antonelli TOPIC The destruction
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, 202114:30-16:00 UTC >>> DIRECT ACCESS / REGISTRATION Speaker:Tim Winter Title:Heritage Futures: Oceans of Connectivity   Western paradigms of


DEADLINE EXTENDED to October 31st We are inviting you to write a short article to be uploaded on our website
Welcome to our exhibition! Artworks of photographers, artists, heritage professionals and activists around the world call for safeguarding during and
Do you want to be part of a Global Radio Emission?  Heritage can be expressed beyond grand monuments, ancient shipwrecks
DIVERSITIES & GENDERS:Call for Participation We are pleased to announce the call results: 1st AWARD (tie) - Bel Acosta, Tambores Encantados
DEADLINE EXTENDED! NEW DEADLINE: 27 September 2021, 23:59 UTC We are inviting creative people who have a passion for heritage,
Big thanks to our heritage hero's for submitting their stories!
HERITAGE PLACES AND MEMORIES:INSTAGRAM VIDEO CONTEST We are very pleased to announce the winners of the Youth Video Contest! We
Congratulations to both of our 2nd place winners of our Global Competition! Our shortlisted submissions were of such high quality