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    This is a closing session of the entire Globinar. Speakers and/or coordinators from different sessions will be invited to have a concluding conversation about various topics discussed and questions that […]

  • SESSION 16: Sustainability and future after disaster and Pandemics

    The pandemic and the confinement associated with preventive measures has had an impact or the economic sustainability of historic centers, interrupting the preventive conservation planning processes of our nations, requiring […]

  • SESSION 17: Information Technologies for preparedness and mitigation: prior or after Disasters and Pandemics

    This session brings individuals with solid trajectories in planning, developing, and implementing information technologies in preparedness and mitigation of disasters and now pandemics. Multidisciplinary academia, not-for-profit and industry contributors will […]

  • SESSION 18: Heritage and Social Reconstruction

    Communities living in heritage towns, cities and territories, have been seriously affected by confinement and the drop in touristic activity. As a result of these difficulties, community networks have been […]

  • SESSION 19: Conservation emergency!

    COVID Pandemic tested human behavior in many dimensions. The essential was distinguished from the accessory. Did we stop conserving during Pandemic? As we know we didn’t… So Conservation of natural […]

  • SESSION 20: Physical Reconstruction in World Heritage Sites

    MODERATOR oXiaoning HuaArchitect. PhD (Southeast University, Nanjing). Associate Professor of SAUP (School of Architecture and Urban Planning), Nanjing University SPEAKERS & CASE STUDIES Christoph SchnoorDongming XuRicardo Lopez

  • SESSION 11: Identity and Resilience in World Heritage Sites

    MODERATORS Bruno Coutinho & Leonardo Freitas SPEAKERS & CASE STUDIES ASIA Jefferson Chua (Philippines)OCEANIA Andrea Ortega Esquivel, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile – Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park (Australia)AFRICA Albino Jopela, […]

  • SESSION 12: The value of culture during Pandemics

    Our world heritage site is in crisis. Their existence is threatened by natural disasters. In addition, the recent pandemic has shown the weakness of World Heritage sites and how people […]

  • SESSION 13: Interdisciplinary disaster risk reduction: an uncomfortable understanding

    The protection of heritage sites against disasters is a complex problem that requires a broad vision. In this sense, it is not possible to address that complexity only from one […]

  • SESSION 15: Intangible Heritage and Disasters

    The session on Intangible Heritage and Disasters has two objectives:-To highlight the specific vulnerabilities that intangible heritage can present in contexts of disaster and crisis, as well as strategies to […]