We are inviting you to write a short article to be uploaded on our website and social media accounts (LinkedIn, in particular) with the aim of raising awareness about the role of cultural and natural heritage during and after conflicts.

Within the framework of the OurWorldHeritage initiative, our approach covers one of the 12 themes of the initiative: Heritage in Conflict that will be running during October 2021.  

We would be very happy if you could share your views on dealing with cultural and natural heritage during and/or after armed conflict and engaging civil society in relation to Heritage Sites under threat because of armed conflict. 


Cultural and Natural Heritage is an essential part of our identity. As such, its role becomes particularly relevant during armed conflicts and post-conflict recovery and peacebuilding.

Our initiative seeks to engage civil society and other community voices into promoting the shared responsibility for protecting our heritage. This ensures the inclusion of a multiplicity of perspectives in caring and protecting heritage and the broad engagement in the peacebuilding process.

Your article could contribute to the discussion on questions such as:

  • What have been and what are the ways we can approach heritage in relation to armed conflict? And which heritage?
  • What is the role of the local and international community towards endangered heritage because of conflicts?
  • What can heritage conservation activists, artists, social media do to promote heritage protection and peacebuilding?  


  • Original article of maximum 200 words
  • 1 or 2 pictures (photographs, drawings, etc.)
  • Submissions in English language, or in your native language + English translation (not to be included in the 200 words)
  • Please, be sure to write your name, affiliation, country you are based in, your e-mail address, moreover the source of your information and bibliography, as appropriate.
  • Please note that your article will be uploaded with your name as the author, the country you are based in and, should you agree, your affiliation, on our web site and through our 9 languages social media accounts (linkedIn, instagram, facebook,


Articles and related pictures should be submitted via email to ourcommonheritage.venice [at mark] before October 31st, 2021 23:59 UTC