MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2021
12:30-16:00 (UTC)

This event is part of a 2-day Conference on March 29-30, including:
SESSION I (March 29): Monuments of Oppression
SESSION II (March 29): Oppression from Monuments
SESSION III (March 30): Acknowledging Intangible Heritage as part of future heritage past
SESSION IV (March 30): Caring for future Worlds? SDGs within Spaces and Places of Heritage



Session Moderator: Frida Larios

This session looks at how marginalised groups are affected by the constant reminder of what historical monuments represent. The power of how their struggles came about, glorified in a monument.
How the proclaimation of a host country’s dominance over another is celebrated in broad spectacle? The version of history that celebrates, gives prominence and authority over another placed in public arenas. This constant colonial oppression and reminder that the other that was conquered is still insignificant, creates a mental instability for the oppressed gazing at the monuments in question. Marginalised communities see these monuments as part of a streetscape as they go about their businesses, these structures are still part of their periphery vision. They still have to experience a public space that they can’t fully identify with because of the representation of a historical monument in that same space.

In this panel we explore the mental health issues associated with oppressions from the constant reminder of a past steeped in enslavement, degradation, torture and disempowerment. How marginalised communities affected by what colonial monuments represent mean for their mental well being.

More details follow soon!