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Congratulations to the 1st place winner of our Global Competition!

iDiscover Ahmedabad, Voicing Untold Narratives

The 1st place winner of the Transformational Impacts of Information Technology Global Competition, led by Ester Van Steekelenburg and Sameeha Sheth, entrepreneurs and respected experts in the field of heritage conservation in India and elsewhere in Asia, proposed the further implementation of a community and user feedback platform called the iDiscover app, a powerful GPS-based storytelling and wayfinding app capable of providing community curated ‘heritage trails.’ This app allows the presentation of themed walking or cycling itineraries, supported by short narratives and quality visuals. The mapping technology and a digital publication platform offer an accessible, practical, and inexpensive IT solution for more inclusive management and branding of World Heritage cities. The approach overcomes the disconnection that often occurs between residents and managers of World Heritage. The winning submission proposed a bottom-up, community-led process for residents of the old city of Ahmedabad to gain agency in the presentation, interpretation, and preservation of the heritage site in which they live and work. It proposed acknowledging the context’s diversity and finding common ground among different gender, economic, and religious groups. Also, it provided a platform for residents to advocate their ‘story’ of place and ideas for the future.

The IDISCOVER PROJECT was funded by Price Clause Fund (PCF) and was jointly implemented by the International Center for Innovative Developments, India (Sameeha Sheth) and Urban Discovery, Hongkong (Ester van Steekelenburg).

Scoring a perfect mark on the Global Competition’s evaluation rubric, this project proposal:

  • includes community and other members in their team;
  • uses technology that matches the needs of the site;
  • meets the core aims of the OWH IT team, which are: 1) To strengthen the monitoring of World Heritage using Information Technologies; 2) To enhance multiple narratives in the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage Sites using Information Technologies;
  • acknowledges the issues and challenges that might arise and suggested methods for mitigation;
  • clearly describes the methods and approaches of the technology and its application;
  • addresses the resources and tools required to successfully implement the application;
  • discusses the budget thoughtfully and in detail.

See more about iDiscover Ahmedabad

Prizes Awarded

Announced at the Globinar 2.0 Closing Ceremony, the prizes awarded to the 1st place team include the following. If the technology is not applicable to the project and not used by the team, it will be offered to 2nd or 3rd place teams:

  • access to scanner from Zoller + Fröhlich, training and software included, if appropriate for your project;
  • 1-year Xplore license from Timelooper;
  • Internet of Things Technology Kit from Worldsensing + training (conditional upon approval from Worldsensing and if appropriate for the project);
  • perpetual license for RealityCapture from CapturingReality;
  • 2-year subscription with up to 5000 scans with Cintoo Cloud;
  • project featured as first place winner in OurWorldHeritage Transformational Impacts of Information Technology Catalogue of Tools;
  • project showcased at the World Heritage Committee meeting event in 2022.

Thank you to our Industry Sponsors for the prizes!

Zoller + Fröhlich
World Sensing

International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites under the auspices of UNESCO

You can read about the 2nd place and 3rd place posts, linked from the Transformational Impacts of Information Technology page.

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