Global Competition Results | 2nd Place | Transformational Impacts of Information Technology

Congratulations to both of our 2nd place winners of our Global Competition!

Our shortlisted submissions were of such high quality that we had two teams tied for 2nd place:

Wulingyuan Nature-Culture Lenses: An AR-based World Heritage Interpretation System for Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, China

Our first 2nd place winner of the Transformational Impacts of Information Technology Global Competition is the Tongji-HIST Heritage Landscape Conservation Team. Led by Dr. Feng HAN, Dr. Chen YANG, Prof. Fulong CHEN, and Dr. Shizhen XIAO, educators and experts in natural and cultural landscapes, information technology, and virtual reality, the proposed project, Wulingyuan Nature-Culture Lenses, is an augmented reality (AR) based smartphone application designed to enhance the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage values, while bringing awareness to and promoting world heritage values to local communities. The geo-database is loaded with a variety of ‘lenses’, such as the Geology lens, Agriculture lens, or Costume lens, that provide an interactive experience aimed at expanding perspectives. The application also boasts the broadcasting of live events to bring communities and visitors together in shared experiences.

See more about Wulingyuan Nature-Culture Lenses

Measuring Tourism & Destination Well-being in the Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Our other 2nd place winner of the Transformational Impacts of Information Technology Global Competition is the Khumbu Caretakers team led by Dr. Mingma Norbu Sherpa (CEO, Himalayan Trust, Nepal) & Dr. Paul Rogers (Co-Founder & Director, Planet Happiness), submitting the project Measuring Tourism & Destination Well-being in the Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal. Using Planet Happiness’ 10-step approach the project focuses on strengthening community resilience and well-being, considering the challenges caused by the pandemic that have affected international tourism and local livelihoods. Recently, Planet Happiness convened a high-level dialogue with leaders of global tourism industry on the 19th of July to discuss a 2-page COVID-19 Tourism Recovery Position paper recognising the imperative to value and measure travel and tourism’s contribution to destination well-being.

See more about Measuring Tourism & Destination Well-being, Sagarmatha


Both projects scored nearly a perfect mark on the Global Competition’s evaluation rubric. Both project proposals:

  • include a wide range and number of community members, NGOs, and other sectors in their team;
  • use technology that are appropriate for the needs of the site;
  • meet the core aims of the OWH IT team, which are: 1) To strengthen the monitoring of World Heritage using Information Technologies; 2) To enhance multiple narratives in the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage Sites using Information Technologies;
  • clearly acknowledge the issues and challenges that might arise for their respective sites and have suggested methods for mitigation;
  • adequately describe the methods and approaches of the technology and its application;
  • address the resources, tools, and budget required to successfully implement the application.

Prizes Awarded

Announced at the Globinar 2.0 Closing Ceremony, the prizes awarded to the 2nd place teams include the following. If the technology is not applicable to the project and not used by the team, it will be offered to other teams:

  • access to scanner from Zoller + Fröhlich, training and software included, if appropriate for your project;
  • perpetual licence for RealityCapture from CapturingReality;
  • 2-year subscription with up to 5000 scans with Cintoo Cloud;
  • project featured as second place winner in OurWorldHeritage Transformational Impacts of Information Technology Catalogue of Tools;
  • project showcased at the World Heritage Committee meeting event in 2022.

Thank you to our Industry Sponsors for the prizes!

Zoller + Fröhlich
World Sensing
International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites under the auspices of UNESCO

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