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The Transformational Impacts of Information Technology GLOBINAR happened on Saturday, January 9, 2021. Thank you to all who joined us, and for being part of the conversation – our first ever 24-hour relay of online #2021Debate and networking across all time zones!

Watch for posts about the follow up and plenary recordings, coming soon! Have you been inspired to gather a team to submit a Letter of Intention for our Global Competition?

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Hover over your time zone to see session start times below.

Session 1: Bridging the Digital Gap in Our World Heritage – Australasia Pacific | 12:00 PM start in GMT+8 time zone (e.g. Beijing, Manila, Perth)

Session 2: Technology Across Borders of Our World Heritage – Arab Region, Africa & Europe | 12:00 PM start in GMT+2 time zone (e.g. Amman, Beirut, Cape Town, Helsinki)

Session 3: A Digitally Interconnected Our World Heritage – Americas | 12:00 PM start in GMT-6 time zone (e.g. Chicago, Mexico City, Winnipeg)

The Next Step: Emerging Professionals Taking the Lead | 5:00 PM start in GMT-8 time zone (e.g. Los Angeles, Vancouver)

For a detailed schedule, see our Itinerary below. The Master Globinar Programme includes speakers, panelists, and support team and their bios.

Download our posters below! For PDF files, click on the caption.

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