2021-02-06 WEBINAR | Moving Forward: Innovative Tools & Untold Stories in OurWorldHeritage

—registration is closed—

Join us on Saturday, February 6, 2021 to continue the conversation on Transformational Impacts of Information Technology. We will hear from our industry partners, announce the Global Competition’s shortlist, and follow up on the next steps regarding recommendations for the larger OurWorldHeritage Initiative.

We have two session options for your convenience:

Session 1: 9 AM Dubai (UTC+4) / 2 PM Seoul (UTC+9)
Session 2: 9 AM Ottawa (UTC-5) / 2 PM London (UTC)

Come to the first session, the second, or both!  

Session Schedule:

  • Introduction and Global Competition summary
  • Policy Presentation and Conversation: emerging trends, themes, and highlights from the Globinar, along with a discussion of session outputs.
  • Industry Showcase: hear from our industry partners about the latest technology in World Heritage monitoring and storytelling.
  • Shortlist announced for the Global Competition
  • Next Steps


Click below to download our posters! For a PDF, click on the caption.

We continue to be excited by the emerging conversation!

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