11-19 SESSION 2 – The People’s List & Beyond

Mr. Divay Gupta, Ms. Deepti Sharma, Ms. Nimmy Nimrata


The People’s List & Beyond: A Participatory Approach to Heritage Conservation in Asia-Pacific Region

The convention has been hugely impacted due to the incomprehensive nature of the World Heritage list, thereby also barring creation of holistic framework policies. This creates a dire need to relook at the listing process and identify the lacunae in order to create a lens of equity for all sites of significance, which otherwise stay neglected. This webinar is an initiative to start such discussion and bring forth experts from the Eastern part of the world to share experiences in creating a balance between the identified and the un-identified heritage sites. The webinar is focused on discussing the roles and incentives for the civil society in identification, protection and management of heritage through a dynamic listing process (WH List+ Tentative List+ the Inventory). This is a 2-hour webinar divided into 3 sub-themes:

  1. Listing as a Protection Tool: The talk will explore INTACH’s integrated approach to list the built, natural and intangible heritage of India and how INTACH is using listing as a tool for protection of heritage.
  2. Diverse Conservation Approaches: Based on traditional practices, variations can be seen in conservation approaches adopted in different parts of the globe. The concept of Authenticity also varies. Therefore, the discussion will be focused on exploring these variations, in the case of Nepal.
  3. Looking Within & Beyond the List: Within the nomination process, there is a comparative analysis process in which several national or regional sites are identified to present the statement of significance. Such sites can form a ready list and the possibilities will be explored in this talk.

The above talks will be followed by panel discussion amongst the panelists and the participants. 


Welcome Note by Michael Turner
Introduction by K.T. Ravindran

  1. Listing as a Protection Tool (incl. Danger list)
    By Vijaya Amuruje – INTACH (India)
  2. Diverse Conservation Approaches
    By Neel Kamal Chapagain (Nepal)
  3. Looking Within and Beyond the List 
    By Sharif Shams Imon (Bangladesh/Macao)

Moderator: Divay Gupta


Mrs Vijaya Amujure, INTACH (India) – Mrs Vijaya Amujure is a conservation architect with an experience of about 20 years in the field in India and in UK. Having restored over 50 historic monuments, she is currently the Director Programme with the Architectural Heritage Division of INTACH, New Delhi where she is looking after the documentation and restoration programmes of many Govt. of India schemes, Heritage Impact assessments and several INTACH publications.  She is a recipient of various awards including the prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific Award 2017. She is also a visiting faculty at the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) New Delhi.

Neel Kamal Chapagain (Nepal) – Neel Kamal Chapagain is an architect and heritage professional from Nepal, currently engaged as an Associate Professor and the Director of Centre for Heritage Management at Ahmedabad University in India. He serves in the executive board of academic networks on heritage studies and management, like the Asia Pacific Higher Education Network for Intangible Cultural Heritage, Asian Academy of Heritage Management, and the Association for Critical Heritage Studies. His publications include a co-edited volume with Routledge, titled ‘Asian Heritage Management; Contexts, Concerns and Prospects’ and a publication series from Nepal titled ‘Reflections on the Built Environment and Associated Practices’ of which so far three volumes have been published

Sharif Shams Imon (Bangladesh/Macao)

Hyeseung Shim (Korea) – Hyeseung Shim works as a Researcher at the Digital Heritage Lab and is a PhD candidate in KAIST. Before KAIST, with over a decade of professional experience at the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and other international organizations, she specialized in project management and capacity-building for the conservation and rehabilitation of World Heritage properties in Asia. She currently serves as a Technical Advisor for the Cultural Heritage Committee (sub-com: World Heritage) under the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea. Also, she is a board member of ICOMOS Korea and an expert member of ICOMOS ICLAFI and ICTC. She holds an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies and an MSc in Culture Technology.

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