Our Mission

support heritage protection, stop politicization,
and engage civil society”


Created with great foresight at the dawn of the modern conservation era, World Heritage has for some 50 years served as a beacon of hope, protecting the wonders of our world for future generations. But sadly, today this unifying instrument is straining under its success. With 1.121 protected sites (2020), conservation has taken second-place to list-making, and properties are increasingly threatened as politics overrides protection.

With its 50th anniversary approaching, concerned individuals from across the conservation arena have come together to re-think and re-envision the World Heritage Convention. We seek to:

  • Ensure that all sites stay fully protected from ever-growing threats by refocusing the treaty to its original goal of conservation rather than listing;
  • Open World Heritage to citizen participation, foster advocacy and promote transparency in the decision-making processes through grass-roots initiatives;
  • Monitor site conservation with particular emphasis on sites in critical situation due to global change, human development pressures, natural disasters and conflicts;
  • Raise awareness and involve a new generation of stewards in our heritage conservation;
  • Expand preservation to the local level through grass-roots initiatives.