Nau Cultural is a sociocultural project for the creation, documentation and distribution of Brazilian popular art, the result of a partnership between Isabela Carpena and Felipe Pithan – researchers on art, identity, culture and politics in Brazil. From researches and trips to the homes and ateliers of Brazilian artisans, the couple formed a network for the representation of artists based on fair trade, valuing their work and providing social and financial recognition for them. In addition to offering an accurate selection of decorative handcrafted pieces, Nau provides an approximation with contemporary popular artists and the rich and authentic Brazilian culture they carry. The presentation of the pieces includes records in photos and videos of the meetings and conversations between Nau and the artists, portraying the universe and culture that constitute their creations. All the pieces are handmade, using artisanal techniques and traditions, and that is why each one is unique.

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Isabela Carpena is an art director, curator and partner at Nau Cultural. Graduated in international relations, she has been researching since 2010 the relationship between art production and the sociopolitical environment.

Felipe Pithan is an entrepreneur, poet and researcher of popular culture. Graduated in International Relations and, in 2009, started the company Nau Cultural Import and Export, with which he carried out numerous artistic and commercial projects.