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OurWorldHeritage Voices

OWH opens up the debate! We are launching an online forum in the run-up to the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee, which takes place July 16-31. In this forum you will find discussions on each of the Heritage Sites that are being discussed. Many heritage sites struggle with conservation issues that are potentially endangering the future of their sustainability. We think that diverse voices will help finding solutions,participants may add knowledge and comments in real time during the debate on those properties being discussed.

OWH VOICES Forum Rules:

  • Start each contribution with a short introduction of your relation to the site/topic
  • You are welcome to write in your own language
  • Please reference your input, we are not legally responsible about the dissemination of the content posted on this forum
  • Each is responsible for their own topics, OWH cannot be held accountable for the content posted here. The opinions remain those of the individuals and are provided in a format of the crowd sourcing of knowledge
  • Be kind and courteous
  • Hate speech will not be tolerated, OWH moderators will delete contributions and/or block contributors that do not comply with the statements above.


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