Civil Society in Action for Ukraine’s Endangered Heritage

Thursday March 31, 2022, 12:00-14:00 UTC

At this time, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating a huge humanitarian crisis, with victims among both civilians and the military. In the context of these events, Ukraine’s cultural and natural heritage, as an emblem of its people’s identity and memory, is also under threat. Historic centres, museums, cultural institutions and landscapes are being targeted, damaged, and destroyed, while artists, scholars and cultural workers are deeply affected by these terrible acts.

Civil society organisations can and must help Ukraine in this difficult moment by supporting initiatives for the protection of heritage sites, museums, cultural infrastructure, and colleagues in the field, and by planning for future activities of peace and reconciliation, restoration, reconstruction, and the recovery of cultural life.

This webinar intends to provide an opportunity to highlight these chains of support, and to provide a collaborative exchange between civil society organisations and institutions/initiatives in Ukraine to discuss concrete ways of providing short- and medium-term support in their efforts to preserve Ukrainian heritage and culture.

A joint initiative with our partners, this seminar and dialogue aim to raise awareness in solidarity with Ukrainian society, to promote crowdfunding campaigns, such as the initiative Support Ukraine’s Cultural Defenders launched by Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund, and to highlight any other cultural and natural heritage initiatives in support of the response to this crisis throughout civil society. We invite you to register for this webinar, to join us, and participate in the discussion.