2020-11-27 ROUNDTABLE ‘New narratives and interpretations’ – PART I

The Roundtable ‘New Heritage Approaches: new narratives and interpretations’ happened on Friday, November 27th, 2020.
21:00 – Mozambique and South Africa
20:00 – Angola
18:00 – Praia, Cabo Verde
16:00 – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Language: Portuguese


General context of the #2021Debates Monica Bahia Schlee

New Approaches to Heritage: listening, connections and interdisciplinary dialogues Vera Tangari, Rubens de Andrade, Monica Bahia Schlee

New narratives and interpretations: introduction and regional context – Albino Jopela and Rafael Winter Ribeiro

Debate guests

Hamilton Jair Fernandes – Cidade Velha, Cabo Verde Claudio Zunguene – Ilha de Moçambique, Moçambique Ziva Domingos – Mbaza Kongo, Angola
Bruno Coutinho – Paraty e Ilha Grande, Brasil

Please download a PDF with more information.

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