06_NHA_past event


    COORDINATOR: Jonathan Sharfman PART 1 SPEAKERS Rayna Li, NYUAD and Dhakira Center for Heritage Studies, Assembling fragments of a global past: issues and challenges in Jingdezhen’s path to World Heritage […]


    The New Heritage Approaches team in conversation with Francesco Bandarin, Michael Turner, and George Abungu. SPEAKERS Francesco Bandarin, architect and urban planner, specialized in Urban Conservation. Director of the UNESCO […]

  • SESSION 17: Decolonizing Heritage

    Disciplines associated with heritage, including history, archaeology and anthropology, are rooted in western academic concepts and paradigms. While these serve the contexts in which they developed, there is a need […]

  • SESSION 11: Integrity and Authenticity

    Authenticity and/or integrity are conditions that should be met by a World Heritage property to be deemed of Outstanding Universal Value (OG 78), as well as the more general requirement […]

  • SESSION 02: Heritage categories and a crosscutting approach among conventions

    The drafting and adoption of UNESCO’s heritage conventions are the result of perceived threats to heritage resources. This reactive process, focused on individual heritage elements, has resulted in a siloed […]

  • SESSION 01: Reinterpreting OUV: the balance between local & universal Values

    New heritage approaches should be based on meaningful narratives that convey widespread understanding and social appropriation of heritage sites, in order to ensure their preservation in the current local context […]

  • SESSION 20: Heritage Economics – Evidence Based Innovative Practices

    This session will reflect on innovative practices in heritage economics. Since the beginning of modern conservation, the protection and preservation of tangible heritage still justifies itself on the basis of […]

  • SESSION 19: Heritage in large metropolises: Emergent approaches

    The twentieth-century metropolises face diverse planning and management challenges concerning their capacity to project solutions for the contemporary challenges and demands and for future ones that allow transformations while at […]

  • SESSION 18: Heritage of the marginlized

    Official heritage of national states often gives priority to the ideal of national inclusive citizenship, and responsibilities and duties as defined by leaders, laws, constitutions and political regimes. In former […]